Meet Your Therapist

Oliver (Silverwind) Naundorf started his journey and has been practicing in the natural health industry since 1998. From 1998 onwards he has completed Diploma & Certified courses in: Iridology, Herbalsim & Nutrition, Medicinal Herb Growing, Crystal Healing (International Qualification) and Usui Reiki - Certified Reiki Master / Teacher. He has extensive knowledge of Herbs, Crystals, Homeopathy and Hot Stone Therapy. He is currently studying to become a Shiatsu practitioner. Oliver specialises in the fields of Crystals, Crystal Healing and Reiki. Our range of Crystal Elixirs/Gem Essences, Standard & client specific elixir formula's are  now available.  

In having an Esoteric background and interest, Oliver studied under Fey Fand from the Celestine Circle. Oliver studied under Bron Katzke (Initiating Reiki Master).

Silverwind Health will be launching our Chakra & Meditation Garden in Spring 2019 where Clients & Patients can relax, meditate in a beautiful and private area with the various Crystals positioned to correspond with each Chakra, each Crystal will accessible. Each of our Crystals and plants have been specifically chosen for our Chakra Garden. The Garden will be free to use, all we ask is for a donation towards the maintenance of the garden. 

Oliver is registered with the AltMedASA, Reiki Masters Association, Herb Association of South Africa and Healing Hands International. Today he provides treatments from his practice, Silverwind Health Energy Healing Centre & Esoteric Academy and is also involved in giving talks to Garden Clubs and presentations from time to time.

Registration Certificates - Associations

Code of Ethics & Code of Practice


  • There will be a minimum amount of hours for each Reiki level:
  • Reiki I, 6 hours minimum teaching time
  • Reiki II, 12 hours minimum teaching time
  • Advise students that there should be a minimum of 21 days between Reiki I and Reiki II attunements
  • Advise students that there should be a minimum of 3 months between Reiki II and further Reiki courses
  • Advise students that there should be a minimum of 3 months between other courses and Reiki Masters Degree
  • The potential student MASTER will work together with you the teacher prior to the attunement
  • A Reiki Master Teacher should be over the age of 18, and there is no minumum age for a Reiki Master Practitioner
  • It is NOT mandatory for a student to learn all Reiki degrees through one master. Each student is given free choice of master
  • You will keep the RMA informed of your present physical and postal addresses, contact telephone numbers, e-mail address.


RMA encourages integrity and responsibility in the practice and teaching of REIKI and to uphold and further the standing of the REIKI MASTERS ASSOCIATION as well as to the profession of REIKI.

  1. Members shall teach and practice Reiki with care and always to the benefit of the client and/or student.

  2. The clients comfort and welfare shall be taken into account at all times.

  3. Reiki is performed with clothes on.  Members shall never ask a client and/or student to remove their clothing unless Reiki is included in a massage.

  4. Reiki is a non-sexual practice.  Members shall at all times behave in a professional and honourable manner.

  5. Reiki is not a religion or a belief system and members shall have respect for their clients’ and/or students’ beliefs, religions, spiritual thinking, political ideas and social views.

  6. Members shall respect all clients and/or students irrespective of race, colour, creed or sex.

  7. Members shall endeavour to further their own education in holistic health practices.

  8. Members shall instruct their students and inform their clients that Reiki does not replace medical treatment ever.

  9. Members shall obtain the full names, addresses and contact details of all their students, and in the case of their clients, obtain essential details of their medical history.

  10. Members shall obtain parents consent in the case of teaching, attuning and/or treating a student/client who is a minor.

  11. Members shall instruct their students that they are not allowed to diagnose a medical condition, nor are they allowed to prescribe.

  12. Members shall fully understand that they are not allowed to use implements and nor are they allowed to claim to cure any condition.

  13. Members who suspect that a client is affected by any condition, medical or otherwise, should advise their client and/or student to consult their medical practitioner.


  1. Members are allowed to advertise that they are registered with RMA or Reiki Masters Association, provided that they hold a current and valid certificate and that all accounts are paid in full.

  2. Advertisements shall not claim to cure nor shall they claim to treat a specific condition.

  3. Advertisements should be accurate and discreet and never should a member in any way discredit the reputation of Reiki and/or the Reiki Masters Association.

  4. Members shall not abuse the trust of a client and/or student or exploit any persons lack of knowledge.


  1. A private, clean, hygienic room with easily accessible toilet facilities must be provided for client.

  2. A suitable teaching room with toilet facilities must be provided for students.


  1. Local bye-laws should be adhered to.

  2. The laws of South Africa shall be upheld.

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