We are proud to introduce the partnership of two iconic brands namely Sportron International and SwissGarde under the new umbrella brand - Ascendis Health Direct (Pty) Ltd. Both brands have been delivering high quality, natural health products for over 20 years worldwide.   

Our Sportron International Brand offers the best of science and nature in a range of unique health & wellness products and are using FoodState technology which enhances absorption and targets delivery to the right place in the body, providing true nutritional intelligence. 

Our SwissGarde range of products are formulated with traditional raw materials, trusted and respected for generations.

Food isn't what it used to be. Farming methods, pesticides, genetic engineering, transportation and bad eating habits have made supplementation important. It is difficult to get all the necessary nutrients solely from food. There are many companies operating in the wellness industry, each one claiming that it has the latest, greatest offerings. Of course, we feel the same about our products and we can back up our claims with some impressive research. Sportron's uniqueness is in the FoodState® technology incorporated into the products. Besides our mainstream range of nutritional supplements, we have comprehensive product offerings for weight management, home, skin and body care.

FoodState® Technology: The Sportron Difference

The core strength of the Sportron organisation is the sophistication of its nutritional supplements, which harness a unique technology known as FoodState®. No other company in South Africa (and only a handful in the rest of the world) has been granted a licences to use this groundbreaking technology by its USA-based developers.

FoodState® is based on the work of Hungarian scientist, Andrew Szalay, who developed proprietary processes to concentrate micronutrients into food complexes. The technology is supported by independent research, including work by Nobel Prize winner, Dr Günter Blobel.

Nutrients: Just like real food: FoodState® technology has positioned our products way ahead of any other nutritional supplement range on the market today. Their advantage is based on the fact that they are food complexes and as such, are recognised, absorbed and utilised just like real food!

Sportron's partnership opportunity offers you extra money and time in a day, an opportunity to make a social contribution and good health to own and enjoy. You decide your level of involvement and your length of stay in partnership with us.

**Product partners are consumers of products

**Business partners have chosen to build a business through the wellness industry.

Become a Preferred Customer:

  • 25% Discount
  • Minimum monthly purchase
  • Earn referral income

Business Partner:

  • Earn residual income
  • Earn R500 - R5000 per month
  • Own your own business

Business Leader:

  • Serious Business partner
  • Earn R5000 - R50 000+ per month
  • Develop other business partners

Why network marketing works in wellness:

The difference between traditional companies and network marketing companies is that:

In traditional companies, R50 million to advertise and promote products is paid TV, radio, print media and celebrity endorsements.

In our Network marketing company, R50 million to advertise and promote products is paid to  ordinary people who have mastered the product and business system and help others do the same.


Complete our Lifestlye Analysis to give you an Indication of how healthy you are currently and how you are managing your health. Follow the easy instructions to complete the Questionnaire.
If you would like Nutritional and Supplement advice to improve your health kindly use the download button and send your completed Questionnaire to us at: sportron_fsnutrition@outlook.com


For more information on any of the Sportron Products, the Business Opportunity or a Product Catalogue, Please Download & Complete our application form to become a preferred Customer. Our contact details directly on the details below.

(All information supplied is Courtesy of HealthGarde SA and is correct on the time of publication)

If you would like to join us and start your own health Business please download the following application form and return directly to us:

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